Im Sick Of Going To Places And Having To Put Up With Preps Staring At Me And Laughing Cuz Im Not Like Them?

are there ANY emo or scene hangouts in MARYLAND…..geez….itd be good if there were…cuz i need to get out of my PREPPY neigborhood and get away from preps…they piss me off..if yur a prep, well too bad. dont even answer if yur gonna say stuff that has nothing to do with EMo or scene hangouts. i just need to know where i can find some in doubtful cuz this is prep/jock central.

Should The Government Be Involved With The Religious Aspects Of Divorce?

Information about a law proposed in Maryland (from the Baltimore Sun):
“Under Jewish law, a man must grant his wife a divorce degree, or get, to end a marriage. Without it, a Jewish woman is unable to remarry within the faith…If passed, the measure – up for hearings this week in House and Senate committees in Annapolis – would require those filing for divorce or not contesting one to also file an affidavit stating that they had removed all religious barriers to remarriage within their power.”
Is this a violation of the separation between church and state? Is this a good idea?
What do you think of this proposed law in Maryland?…

Civilian Employment With Dept Of The Navy?

I am seeking a civilian IT job with US dept of the navy. Hopefully at US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. Is it more than likely that I will be required to get a security clearance if I don’t already have one?
What if I was once turned down for the interim clearance due to having been in a therapy, and I left my employer (a private contractor in the federal gov) while my investigation was going on for a secret clearance.
If by any chance, the navy considers me for clearance, I would have to tell what I did, but with a legitimate reason about having given up on going for secret clearance.
Can something like that be an issue with civilian employment in the navy or any other federal government branch?
Is it better that I limit myself to local government or private sector? I am currently an IT person in local government, and just that fact probably would mean that I can work in the navy if they decide to trust me with a clearance.
I am kind of weary of this need for clearance in

Help..does Anyone Know Of Tattoo Artist Who Works With Vegan Ink In Baltimore,annapolis Or D.c Area?

Im a vegan and am dying to get a tattoo. I have done some research and found most ink may contain glycerin/animal derived and or black ink made of charred bones. does anyone in maryland use “vegan” ink?