Can I Afford This Apartment?

This apartment is a place I want but I am not sure I can afford it and would like some input and opinions please.
The monthly breakdown:
rent would be: $1249 (special price of 250 off market price)
electric: $100
water: $25
internet: $50
I make around $3000 a month and have no car payments, a small credit card bill and 1 student loan which will be paid off in June.
Background: I live in Maryland and would love to stay in Maryland. I am currently going to school full time and working full time. Being that the area of Maryland that I live in is central to both Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and Annapolis, MD prices are very expensive (average 1 bedroom apartment starts at 1100+).
Thanks for your help!!!

Is This Another Good Reason Why We Should Be Denying Licenses To Illegal Immigrants?

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — In an online Spanish language chat room, people from all over the East Coast seek tips on how to get driver’s licenses in Maryland even though they don’t live there.
Businesses run classified ads in Spanish-language publications in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland urging “undocumented Hispanic friends” to take advantage of the opportunity to get Maryland ID without having to prove they’re in the country legally.
In one case, Maryland motor vehicle officials say, 68 different people applying for licenses and IDs gave the same address for an 800-square-foot home in Baltimore.
Maryland is one of just four states – and the only one east of the Mississippi – where people don’t have to prove they’re legal U.S. residents to get driver’s licenses. Some lawmakers are pushing to change that this year, arguing that Maryland’s rules make it a target for fraud by undocumented people from all over the U.S.
But advocates here and in other states with similar rules – Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington – argue that allowing illegal immigrants to get state-issued identification gives police broader databases to use when investigating crimes and increases the rate of auto insurance coverage.
“It makes the streets safer for all of us,” said Delegate Jolene Ivey, a Democrat from Prince George’s County who supports continued access to Maryland licenses for undocumented residents.

Can Someone Find This Article?

I can’t seem to find any news articles regarding an accident on January 3, 2008. A drunk driver killed 2 people Emma Jester, 4 and Bryan Ross, 26. It could have happened in Maryland. Jennifer Edwards was also a passenger. I can’t find any info and I would like to know what happened to the drunk driver. Also, if anyone can find a news article on WIlliam “billy” ross, 22, who died March 17, 2007. from md either easton, annapolis, or chestertown. I am looking to see what happened to him.

Why Not Trust/like The Democratic Party? Try This On:?

ANNAPOLIS—The Maryland Senate and House of Delegates have passed legislation to allow convicted felons to regain the right to vote after they have completed their sentences. Currently, Senate Bill 488 and House Bill 554, the so-called Voter Registration Protection Act, appear destined for the desk of Martin O’Malley to be signed into law. The Democrat majority pushed these bills through the legislature and voted down amendments that would have excluded murderers, rapists, and child molesters from this law. Maryland Republican Party Chairman James Pelura had the following comment about this bill:
“The Democrat majority has gone too far in passing legislation to allow convicted murderers, child molesters, rapists, and many other violent offenders to regain the right to vote. All of these convicted felons are people who have rejected our society and civil order. This smacks in the face of law-abiding citizens and victims everywhere.”

Does Anyone Know The Name And Location Of This Seafood Resturant In Maryland?

It was a looooooong time ago that I went to this restaurant with my parents (basically I was 8 and I am no 27), but it was on the Chesapeake Bay, not too far from Annapolis (I think it was about a 30 minute drive, tops). I *think* it was called the Chesapeake Bay Seafood Restaurant and they had this amazing all you can eat seafood buffet, and my dad used to always get the king crab legs I think. I remember it being a square wooden building on stilts, and near a furniture shop. Anyone have any clues? I’m trying to remember so I can recommend a friend of mine going there, as she now lives not far from where I used to. 10 points to anyone who knows!! Thanks!

Is This Too Much To Ask For In Maryland?

I am a female and I am currently looking a room preferably with my own bathroom and a washer and dryer in the house. I am 20 years old; I have my own transportation, and a Full time job. I would prefer a place near Anne Arundel Community College. Pasadena, Glen Burnie, Severna Park, Arnold, or Annapolis would be great areas. I have my own bedroom furniture, no pets, I am allergic to cats, but I love dogs. I do not smoke, drink, and am very responsible. If possible I would like to have my own entrance. Possibly a basement room or area to rent.
Thanks in advance for your consideration. Also if you have any pictures of the room or space that I would be renting please send that as well. I am looking to move within the next 2 months. I can afford $400 a month.

How Cynical Can This Administration Get?

With one year left of this lame duck Presidency….
US ‘wants Palestinian state now’
Ms Rice is making her seventh trip to the region this year
The US secretary of state has said it is time for a Palestinian state to be founded, and that the US will put its full weight behind such efforts.
Condoleezza Rice said she and President George Bush would make finding a two-state solution a priority for the remainder of their terms in office.
Ms Rice was speaking from the West Bank, where she has been trying to get agreement for a peace summit in the US.
She said the conference would have to be “serious and substantive”.
“We frankly have better things to do than invite people” to the planned conference in Annapolis, Maryland, “for a photo op,” said Ms Rice.

What Does This Symbol Mean?

Last time I stopped at the overlook in Annapolis Maryland, the WWII memorial had a symbol that appeared to point to the Annapolis School stands you can view it through either of these two links, one to a picture that I made of it and one to a google map aerial……
I cannot find any referrence to its meaning, can anyone help?