What More Should I Add To My Student Council Speech?

I have lots of passion and deeply want this position
Hi I am ———- and I want to be your 2nd Vice President for the 2008-2009 school year. A few months ago I watched some the best student leaders in Maryland go on to be an officer of the Maryland Association of student council. To be completely honest I was jealous. So what did I do? I marched up to my hotel room laid down on my bed and wrote the speech I am reading to you right now.
One of the main elements of Student Council is to have a voice to legislators. I attend our legislation day this year. I was amazed by how much they truly want to hear our voice. Unfortunately Its to my understanding that we visit Annapolis once maybe twice a year. That is not enough. We have amazing ideas lets excel those ideas.
Baltimore County has over 109,000 students. The 400 students in this room represent those 109,000 students. You and I have to listen extremely closly to those kids. After all we represent them.

Why Do People & Illegals Protest That Illegal Aliens Should Have Every Right As Citizen Of America ?

Some of the bills would cut off benefits to people who can’t prove they’re in the U.S. Legally. From Mexico, El Salvador and beyond, Maryland’s latino community wants equal rights for all immigrants..Ok right here are they saying that illegals deserve benefits regardless of lack of proper documention ? Angelo Solera, who came to the U.S. 27 years ago from Spain, was in the crowd. “Most people in this country are immigrants. They came at one point or another. All of a sudden the new immigrants, which are latinos, are supposed to be bad and we don’t want them here.”
Solera is now a U.S. Citizen, but knows it could be tougher for those who are trying to follow in his foot steps. Nearly two dozen bills have been filed in the Maryland General Assembly, aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants. An increasing number of anti-immigration groups have helped put pressure on lawmakers to do something about illegal immigration.
Organizers of events, like the protest in Annapolis, are staying optimistic. “As the evidence of how broken the immigration system is becomes more immediate and direct, we also have many more allies supporting the issues that we’re working on,” said Kim Propeack with Casa de Maryland.
Solera hopes even the toughest critics will look at all sides of the often divisive issue. “We always talk about the latino community and what it is taking from this country. What about the contributions that we are making to this country?”
So are they really saying immigration laws broken we ignore the law look at the contributions they are making ? Other people break the law should we look more their contributions instead of the actual crimes ?http://www.wjla.com/news/stories/0208/49…

Is This Another Good Reason Why We Should Be Denying Licenses To Illegal Immigrants?

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — In an online Spanish language chat room, people from all over the East Coast seek tips on how to get driver’s licenses in Maryland even though they don’t live there.
Businesses run classified ads in Spanish-language publications in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland urging “undocumented Hispanic friends” to take advantage of the opportunity to get Maryland ID without having to prove they’re in the country legally.
In one case, Maryland motor vehicle officials say, 68 different people applying for licenses and IDs gave the same address for an 800-square-foot home in Baltimore.
Maryland is one of just four states – and the only one east of the Mississippi – where people don’t have to prove they’re legal U.S. residents to get driver’s licenses. Some lawmakers are pushing to change that this year, arguing that Maryland’s rules make it a target for fraud by undocumented people from all over the U.S.
But advocates here and in other states with similar rules – Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington – argue that allowing illegal immigrants to get state-issued identification gives police broader databases to use when investigating crimes and increases the rate of auto insurance coverage.
“It makes the streets safer for all of us,” said Delegate Jolene Ivey, a Democrat from Prince George’s County who supports continued access to Maryland licenses for undocumented residents.
Read more @ http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/M/M…

Should The Government Be Involved With The Religious Aspects Of Divorce?

Information about a law proposed in Maryland (from the Baltimore Sun):
“Under Jewish law, a man must grant his wife a divorce degree, or get, to end a marriage. Without it, a Jewish woman is unable to remarry within the faith…If passed, the measure – up for hearings this week in House and Senate committees in Annapolis – would require those filing for divorce or not contesting one to also file an affidavit stating that they had removed all religious barriers to remarriage within their power.”
Is this a violation of the separation between church and state? Is this a good idea?
What do you think of this proposed law in Maryland? http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/p…