Im Sick Of Going To Places And Having To Put Up With Preps Staring At Me And Laughing Cuz Im Not Like Them?

are there ANY emo or scene hangouts in MARYLAND…..geez….itd be good if there were…cuz i need to get out of my PREPPY neigborhood and get away from preps…they piss me off..if yur a prep, well too bad. dont even answer if yur gonna say stuff that has nothing to do with EMo or scene hangouts. i just need to know where i can find some in doubtful cuz this is prep/jock central.

Will Other States Crack Down On Giving Illegals Drivers Licenses Like Maryland Is?

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Thousands of immigrants applying for driver’s licenses are having their appointments cancelled by Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration.
The agency has been booking 2,000 appointments a week for drivers who provide foreign documents that lack a U.S. visa stamp.
The system allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants to drive but has made Maryland vulnerable to fraud.
But a ban on licenses for illegal immigrants that passed this week is set to go into effect on June 1. It will require drivers to present a Social Security card or other proof that they are in the country legally to get a license.
MVA officials say they’ll send cancellation letters to the 8,000 applicants who have already made appointments for June.

What Are Some Towns And Cities Comparable To Places Like Baltimore Or Annapolis, Maryland?

My boyfriend and I enjoy going on mini-vacations in the area (we live in Delaware). Two of our favorite places are Inner Harbor, Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland. We love the charm of these cities and especially the food options! Can anyone suggest some nearby cities and towns that may also be of interest to us, or ones that you’ve enjoyed? Thanks very much!