Why Do People & Illegals Protest That Illegal Aliens Should Have Every Right As Citizen Of America ?

Some of the bills would cut off benefits to people who can’t prove they’re in the U.S. Legally. From Mexico, El Salvador and beyond, Maryland’s latino community wants equal rights for all immigrants..Ok right here are they saying that illegals deserve benefits regardless of lack of proper documention ? Angelo Solera, who came to the U.S. 27 years ago from Spain, was in the crowd. “Most people in this country are immigrants. They came at one point or another. All of a sudden the new immigrants, which are latinos, are supposed to be bad and we don’t want them here.”
Solera is now a U.S. Citizen, but knows it could be tougher for those who are trying to follow in his foot steps. Nearly two dozen bills have been filed in the Maryland General Assembly, aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants. An increasing number of anti-immigration groups have helped put pressure on lawmakers to do something about illegal immigration.
Organizers of events, like the protest in Annapolis, are staying optimistic. “As the evidence of how broken the immigration system is becomes more immediate and direct, we also have many more allies supporting the issues that we’re working on,” said Kim Propeack with Casa de Maryland.
Solera hopes even the toughest critics will look at all sides of the often divisive issue. “We always talk about the latino community and what it is taking from this country. What about the contributions that we are making to this country?”
So are they really saying immigration laws broken we ignore the law look at the contributions they are making ? Other people break the law should we look more their contributions instead of the actual crimes ?http://www.wjla.com/news/stories/0208/49…

Do You Think The New Driver’s License Law Is Long Overdue Illegals Not Understanding Driving Is A Privilege?

What will make illegals happy police could begin using the “not federally compliant” license as reasonable suspicion to inquire further about a person’s legal status ?
Marie-Therese received her Maryland driver’s license this spring, something her 15-year-old daughter might never do. The family illegally emigrated from West Africa to Baltimore four years ago, and a law that goes into effect Monday means new drivers who cannot prove their lawful status in the United States won’t be able to get a license.
“She is upset,” Marie-Therese said of her daughter, who is a Baltimore high school student.
“She told me, ‘I want to drive, too.’ ”
The mother, who didn’t want the family’s last name to be used for fear of being deported, took her daughter to Annapolis this year to try to persuade lawmakers to keep Maryland’s status as one of just four states that grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.
“What we want is to be like everyone else,” she said. When her license expires in 2014, she said, she doubts she’ll renew.
She envisioned a scenario where police judge people based on their style of license. “Maybe they’ll say, ‘This one is for good people and this one is for bad people,’ ” she said.
“That is absolutely a concern,” said Ajmel Quereshi, director of immigrant rights projects for the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland. He said police could begin using the “not federally compliant” license as reasonable suspicion to inquire further about a person’s legal status.
Immigrants, she said, had hoped they would have until the end of the year and were shocked that lawmakers made the new policy effective so quickly.
“It’s cruel the way it was done,” she said.
Lawmakers say speed was of the essence to end fraud. During hearings this winter in Annapolis, MVA Administrator John T. Kuo told lawmakers that fraud cases, most of which involve licensing people born in other countries, have more than quadrupled in recent years.http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/b…
I note no illegal spoke about fraud being used here just unhappy it couldn’t be used

Will Other States Crack Down On Giving Illegals Drivers Licenses Like Maryland Is?

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Thousands of immigrants applying for driver’s licenses are having their appointments cancelled by Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration.
The agency has been booking 2,000 appointments a week for drivers who provide foreign documents that lack a U.S. visa stamp.
The system allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants to drive but has made Maryland vulnerable to fraud.
But a ban on licenses for illegal immigrants that passed this week is set to go into effect on June 1. It will require drivers to present a Social Security card or other proof that they are in the country legally to get a license.
MVA officials say they’ll send cancellation letters to the 8,000 applicants who have already made appointments for June.