Im Sick Of Going To Places And Having To Put Up With Preps Staring At Me And Laughing Cuz Im Not Like Them?

are there ANY emo or scene hangouts in MARYLAND…..geez….itd be good if there were…cuz i need to get out of my PREPPY neigborhood and get away from preps…they piss me off..if yur a prep, well too bad. dont even answer if yur gonna say stuff that has nothing to do with EMo or scene hangouts. i just need to know where i can find some in doubtful cuz this is prep/jock central.

Ilegals Are Going To Get These Benefits In Baltimore?

just saw this on Fox News in Baltimore:
Tonight in Annapolis, demonstrators are expected to show their support for a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Maryland colleges. But, there’s another bill under consideration that would prohibit illegal immigrants from getting a drivers license in the state
Will there be more traffic accidents if we give the illegal license? Do you think it’s fair to give these benefits to the illegals?