What More Should I Add To My Student Council Speech?

I have lots of passion and deeply want this position
Hi I am ———- and I want to be your 2nd Vice President for the 2008-2009 school year. A few months ago I watched some the best student leaders in Maryland go on to be an officer of the Maryland Association of student council. To be completely honest I was jealous. So what did I do? I marched up to my hotel room laid down on my bed and wrote the speech I am reading to you right now.
One of the main elements of Student Council is to have a voice to legislators. I attend our legislation day this year. I was amazed by how much they truly want to hear our voice. Unfortunately Its to my understanding that we visit Annapolis once maybe twice a year. That is not enough. We have amazing ideas lets excel those ideas.
Baltimore County has over 109,000 students. The 400 students in this room represent those 109,000 students. You and I have to listen extremely closly to those kids. After all we represent them.