Which Branch Would Be Best For Me?

Alright- I’m a female Junior in high school with a 4.0+, a Varsity letter from Freshman year, a 1960 on the SAT for my first time, I’m physically fit, and I speak rudimentary Spanish, understand a bit of German, and am teaching myself Arabic. I want to go to one of the service academies, but I can’t decide which, (mostly looking at Air Force or Naval Academies). I want to fly, like so many other people, I know, and I want to fly fighters. However, I’m also very interested in languages. If I do well enough at one of the academies I am also considering the Uniformed Services University in Maryland for a degree in combat medicine. If I did that I would want to go to a combat zone, not be a stateside doctor. Yeah- three different jobs, I know. This is a lot of information- but at least you can kind of see where I stand. If anyone could give me opinions, tell me about their experiences- especially anyone in the Marines (one of the main reasons I’m looking at Annapolis). Thank you SO much!!!