First Time Visiting!?

I will be flying into Baltimore, Maryland for the upcoming event(Motocross des Nations). The first two nights will we be in Baltimore. Second set of nights, we will be staying in Annapolis(on the Navy Base). & back to Baltimore for the final nights. The race is at Budds Creek Motocross track in Mechanicsville, Maryland. There will be 2 women & 5 men (1 guy under 21). Any suggestions of what I should know/bring? Where to visit, if we have time? Good eats & deals?

Living/working In Washington D.c. Area?

I’m considering moving to the D.C. area, or the Virginia or Maryland suburbs as well. I’m looking for a job that pays decently, and was impressed with all the job listings for that area in the Washington Post. (Jobs suck where I live outside Pittsburgh.) Anybody who lives there, works there, been there, offer any advice to me? Currently I live about 4 hours away, but the closest to D.C. that I’ve been is Annapolis. Any impressions of that area appreciated.

Do You Think The New Driver’s License Law Is Long Overdue Illegals Not Understanding Driving Is A Privilege?

What will make illegals happy police could begin using the “not federally compliant” license as reasonable suspicion to inquire further about a person’s legal status ?
Marie-Therese received her Maryland driver’s license this spring, something her 15-year-old daughter might never do. The family illegally emigrated from West Africa to Baltimore four years ago, and a law that goes into effect Monday means new drivers who cannot prove their lawful status in the United States won’t be able to get a license.
“She is upset,” Marie-Therese said of her daughter, who is a Baltimore high school student.
“She told me, ‘I want to drive, too.’ ”
The mother, who didn’t want the family’s last name to be used for fear of being deported, took her daughter to Annapolis this year to try to persuade lawmakers to keep Maryland’s status as one of just four states that grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.
“What we want is to be like everyone else,” she said. When her license expires in 2014, she said, she doubts she’ll renew.
She envisioned a scenario where police judge people based on their style of license. “Maybe they’ll say, ‘This one is for good people and this one is for bad people,’ ” she said.
“That is absolutely a concern,” said Ajmel Quereshi, director of immigrant rights projects for the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland. He said police could begin using the “not federally compliant” license as reasonable suspicion to inquire further about a person’s legal status.
Immigrants, she said, had hoped they would have until the end of the year and were shocked that lawmakers made the new policy effective so quickly.
“It’s cruel the way it was done,” she said.
Lawmakers say speed was of the essence to end fraud. During hearings this winter in Annapolis, MVA Administrator John T. Kuo told lawmakers that fraud cases, most of which involve licensing people born in other countries, have more than quadrupled in recent years.…
I note no illegal spoke about fraud being used here just unhappy it couldn’t be used

Why Do People Say Lincoln “freed The Slaves” When He Did No Such Thing?

When Lincoln signed the “Emancipation Proclamation”, it only applied to the Confederate States, states that were a part of another nation, states he had no authority over
Lincoln did have authority over Maryland, Kentucky, Deleware, DC and Missouri. But did the Emancipation Proclamation apply to them……why, no, it didn’t
Why didn’t Lincoln free the slaves in his own territories, if he was so truly committed to abolition and this great hero everyone makes him out to be
And why is it that no one ever talks about the fact that he sent the military into Annapolis to depose the duly elected government of Maryland. He arrested the legislature. That is the kind of thing Hitler would do.
And why does no one talk about the journalists he arrested.
I will give Lincoln credit, he knew that punishing the South would have a negative effect, unfortunately his party didn’t listen to him.
So, what I must know is, why do people give him such hero worship when he was clearly a tyrant

Can Someone Find This Article?

I can’t seem to find any news articles regarding an accident on January 3, 2008. A drunk driver killed 2 people Emma Jester, 4 and Bryan Ross, 26. It could have happened in Maryland. Jennifer Edwards was also a passenger. I can’t find any info and I would like to know what happened to the drunk driver. Also, if anyone can find a news article on WIlliam “billy” ross, 22, who died March 17, 2007. from md either easton, annapolis, or chestertown. I am looking to see what happened to him.

I Was Subpoenaed …… ?

me and my boyfriend got into a little fight and he broke some of my necklaces and my face was a little swollen. also; i started the fight, i also fought back. my best friend called the cops. i am 15 years old. no adults were home at the time. they charged him w| assault. me & him are back together now and i don’t wanna press charges against him. is there a way to drop the charges, or if not, do i HAVE to go to court? and if so; will he get time ? also ; we are in anne arundel county & the state we’re in is maryland, the courthouse is in annapolis [if that means anything] the paper i got [subpoena paper] says the state of maryland vs. (boyfriends name). it doesnt even say my name. me & my bestfriend were subpoenaed. do we have to go? the first one to answer all my questions gets 10 points , thank you so much :]

Want To Know The Lyrics For The States And Capital Rap?

You you better learn and get an education
Learn the states and capitals of our nation.
We’ll help you learn border to border
So we’ll start in alphabetical order
Alabama in the south and summery
Its capital rhymes Montgomery
Alaska there’s always snow
Capital city Juneau
Its easy to learn if you associate a rhyme
So let’s keep it going you’re doing fine
Its pretty easy its pretty good
Ya kinda like it? I knew you would
Arizona is Phoenix Home of the cactus
This you will learn with some practice
Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas
Now did you see who we just saw?
In California, totally, at the state’s capital
Sacramento, dude, pretty radical.
Colorado’s capital is Denver
Heard the mountains are nice, but never been there
Pretty easy its pretty good,
Ya kinda like it? I knew you would
Hartford’s the capital of Conneticuit
Sit up straight its proper etiquette
Delawares capital is Dover
Red Rover, Red Rover send Billy right over.
Florida Capital, Tallahassee
Lots oranges, vitamin C
Hawaii capital Honolulu
Tropical paradise ocean, ocean blue
Pretty good kind of like it? I knew ya would
Pretty easy its pretty good
Kind of like it? I knew you would
Boises the capital of Idaho
Farmer Jack getting busy growing po-ta-tos
Springfields the capital of Illinois
Ya know everybody lets make some noise
Indiana, cars go real fast
In the capital city of Indianapolis
Iowas capital is Des Moines
If you’re not rapping now would you care to join?
Topeka capital of Kansas
Walk the yellow brick road you’ll take some chances
Pretty easy pretty good
kind of like it? I knew you would
Frankfurts the capital of Kentucky
Finger licking good lets get funky
Louisianna capital is Baton Rouge
Hard to miss it is shaped like a boot
Augusta is the capital of Maine
And its lobsters are their claim to fame
Annapolis the capital of Maryland
Naval academy boys become men
Its pretty easy its pretty good
Kind of like it? I knew you would
Massachusets is Boston- raise the tax on the tea.
The people didn’t like it thru the tea in the sea
Michigan’s capital is Lansing
Woods and lakes, hunting and fishing
Minnesota capital St. Paul
All for one and one for all
Jackson Mississippi where the rivers run wild
Jefferson City the capital of Missouri
Half way there no need to worry
(4x) Get get get down professor rap is on the mike with a new sound
Continental divide is in Montana
And the capital city is Helena
Nebraska is the corn husker state
Lincoln is its capital keep up the pace
Nevada capital Carson city
Not learning your capitals would be a pity
New Hampshire capital Concord
You’re singing this right, cause you’re not getting bored
Trenton is the capital of New Jersey
A beautiful state set beside the sea
New Mexico an enchanted place (?this line)
And its capital city
Pretty easy, pretty good
Kinda like it? I knew you would.
New York America’s melting pot
Albanys the capital in case you forgot
North Carolina’s capital is Raleigh
If you do good you may get a lolly.
Bismarks the capital of North Dakota
Headin to the zoo
and did you know that the Hawkeye state is Ohio?
Capital is Columbia
So lets go to Okalhoma (doo wah diddy)
Capital simple Oklahoma City
Pretty easy, pretty good
Ya kind of like it? I knew you would.
Oregon’s capital is Salem
Guess what- what- were almost done
Pennsylania producer of steel
Harrisburgs the capital these stacks are for real
Pretty easy, its pretty good
Ya kind of like it? I knew you would.
Rhode Islands capital is Providence
Its evident one of 13 colonies to achieve independence
Lets go to South Carolina
Well visit the capital Colombia
South Dakota has clean crisp air
And its capital city is Pierre
Nashvilles the capital of Tennessee
Lets all go to the Jamboree
Austins the capital of Texas, WHOA
Hold on tight when you’re riding that Bronco
Salt lake city is what we call
The capital city of Utah
Montpellier is the capital of Vermont
And you can have a run with us if you want
Virginia was the home to George Washington
And its capital city is Richmond
Pretty easy, its pretty good
Ya kind of like it? I knew you would
Olympias the capital of Washington
Three more yeah, were almost done
West Virginia capital Charleston
Learning like this can be a lot of fun.
Wisconsin the perry state
Madisons the capital you can relate
Wyomings capital is Cheyenne
You did it now give yourself a hand
Pretty easy, its pretty good
Ya kind of like it? I knew you would.
Now you learned the states and capitals of our nation
Theres one more capital we should mention
I bet you guessed its so easy
The district of Columbia or Washington DC
Our nations capital where all the laws are made
and whom the President of the USA
Well have fun learning and remember the

Bi Curious And Never Explored B4 Where Can I Find A Girl ?

how do i go about finding a girl to experiment with and how do i know if a girl is even into it
i live in maryland in the annapolis area so if your familiar with the area if you could give me good spot to go to
and could you please share how you met the first person you experimented with and how did it go you might want to email me for that