Which Branch Would Be Best For Me?

Alright- I’m a female Junior in high school with a 4.0+, a Varsity letter from Freshman year, a 1960 on the SAT for my first time, I’m physically fit, and I speak rudimentary Spanish, understand a bit of German, and am teaching myself Arabic. I want to go to one of the service academies, but I can’t decide which, (mostly looking at Air Force or Naval Academies). I want to fly, like so many other people, I know, and I want to fly fighters. However, I’m also very interested in languages. If I do well enough at one of the academies I am also considering the Uniformed Services University in Maryland for a degree in combat medicine. If I did that I would want to go to a combat zone, not be a stateside doctor. Yeah- three different jobs, I know. This is a lot of information- but at least you can kind of see where I stand. If anyone could give me opinions, tell me about their experiences- especially anyone in the Marines (one of the main reasons I’m looking at Annapolis). Thank you SO much!!!

3 thoughts on “Which Branch Would Be Best For Me?”

  1. A degree in combat medicine assuming that you also qualify and obtain an MD would be best because even though it involves combat/ It would more easily be transferable to a good career in civilian life. It would also be the most helpful to others.

  2. Good luck with the Marines. They will drive you in the ground, no questions asked! I would stay away from the Navy as well. They will have you leave for long periods of time for the rest of your life. This is great if you plan only to marry within and do not want kids. Air force would be your best option. They have so many opportunities for you, much more family oriented, less time consumed, and blue is a lot more flattering to the female body 🙂 Good luck with whatever you choose!

  3. Have you ever considered secret service, also counter terrorism. Don’t sign anything until you check into the hidden dept. of the government.

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