Why Do People & Illegals Protest That Illegal Aliens Should Have Every Right As Citizen Of America ?

Some of the bills would cut off benefits to people who can’t prove they’re in the U.S. Legally. From Mexico, El Salvador and beyond, Maryland’s latino community wants equal rights for all immigrants..Ok right here are they saying that illegals deserve benefits regardless of lack of proper documention ? Angelo Solera, who came to the U.S. 27 years ago from Spain, was in the crowd. “Most people in this country are immigrants. They came at one point or another. All of a sudden the new immigrants, which are latinos, are supposed to be bad and we don’t want them here.”
Solera is now a U.S. Citizen, but knows it could be tougher for those who are trying to follow in his foot steps. Nearly two dozen bills have been filed in the Maryland General Assembly, aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants. An increasing number of anti-immigration groups have helped put pressure on lawmakers to do something about illegal immigration.
Organizers of events, like the protest in Annapolis, are staying optimistic. “As the evidence of how broken the immigration system is becomes more immediate and direct, we also have many more allies supporting the issues that we’re working on,” said Kim Propeack with Casa de Maryland.
Solera hopes even the toughest critics will look at all sides of the often divisive issue. “We always talk about the latino community and what it is taking from this country. What about the contributions that we are making to this country?”
So are they really saying immigration laws broken we ignore the law look at the contributions they are making ? Other people break the law should we look more their contributions instead of the actual crimes ?http://www.wjla.com/news/stories/0208/49…

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  1. Rather hypocritical since many of their own countries don’t have basic human rights….forget legal citizen rights. They won’t march and demand in their own countries but expect to come here and start demanding.
    There’s a definate difference between legal and illegal immigrants….there’s also a big difference between people who are citizens and those who come here just for the benefits without any respect for this country.
    As far as contributions….ya…they helped line the greedy pockets of crooked employers….period. They have done NOTHING to contribute to anything positive in my life or my countries.

  2. because they are trying to create a socialist union in north America, based on the European Union. the plan is in place already, and if we don’t start electing politicians who believe in border control and our country’s sovereignty, it will happen

  3. When ever a citizen of the USA rather think in the benefits of illegal aliens before the damages that these people by been here by the millions and illegally are doing to this country, his American citizenship should be taken away. Once they become Americans they all should think about the warfare of their new country the USA and stop thinking about bringing everybody from their old country to the USA no matter what.

  4. Because they think they are special and the laws of the U.S. should not apply to them. They are selfish, rude racists.
    Many Mexicans believe they should be given all the benefits because their government told them they would get the benefits. That is one of the ways Mexico encourages illegal aliens to enter the U.S.

  5. Here is their “illegal” contribution to unemployment:
    An ex-friend of mine always bragged about the money he was saving by hiring the illegals and (of course) what great workers they are (home-depot management). He then arranged for some of them to work on and clean his mother-in-laws small business. Then they where hired to do the lawn work at their homes. Actually the only American they still use is the pool guy, but give the illegal’s a bit more time and they will pool enough cash together to invest in some pool cleaning equipment.
    At the same time another friend lost her small home cleaning business, two young mothers that was looking for an apartment together so they could move out of the welfare housing project lost their employment there. You know the job’s Americans don’t want to do!
    One year prior to the above another friend lost their family run small landscaping business. You know the job’s Americans don’t want to do!
    If you’re ever in PA just e-mail me and you can meet these people.

  6. Their priorities do not lie with their fellow American citizen, but rather, with illegal aliens.

  7. they are not illegal immigrants- they are law breakers, they have NO rights, they broke the law they should be jailed and then deported

  8. To the illegals and their sympathizers I say this:
    Instead of coming here to My Country and demanding that we change to accommodate you, overloading our healthcare system as you use it as your personal health clinic, drive down wages thereby forcing the American middle class working man into poverty, and demanding we adapt to your culture instead of you assimilating into ours as generations of immigrants have done before you…
    Why don’t you put all that effort and energy into making YOUR country a better place?
    Then all the problems you speak of will be null and void.
    Nuff Said

  9. You have done a good job of answering your own questions. People aren’t coming into this country with their ability to support themselves and America with their knowledge and education. Alot of these countries have programs set-up for the people before they leave their countries as to what to do and ask for when they arrive in the United States. First thing is to become a citizen, then you have rights to go for whatever any other American has. When I was alot younger, you had to go into certain areas to see,eat, or buy certain items,from people from other countries, expecting to hear broken English but never the less the ability to communicate. There isn’t just one group but everywhere you go people unable to communicate in the English language yet we have to support them in their needs, and abandon what this country is suppose to do for its American born citizens. Stop the approval of these people making changes because they aren’t able to change their ways from the countries they came from. This is America, you came here for whatever reason, live by the laws of the land, speak the language of the country or return to your country to live as you wish.

  10. Because so far, they’ve had them. I agree they should have a little respect and understanding for America. I wish they would stop taking it so personally. They have to start understanding our need to uphold our laws.
    I’m pretty upset with the American government for not enforcing laws sooner. Hopefully it’s not too late to work things out in a way that’s beneficial to Americans. This is OUR COUNTRY. The new enforcement and denial of benefits to non-citizens that reside here will be hard for people to accept, but it has to be done.
    I agree somewhat to the fact that they do make contributions… but they add up to a lot less than the contributions we make toward them. If they didn’t want people to make a big spectacle about illegal aliens, they should try to be a bit less of a noticeable burden. Make a doctors appointment instead of clogging up emergency rooms. Pay for your food with cash instead of “access” learn the English language and try to blend in so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb….
    I also wanted to add for this quote “Most people in this country are immigrants. They came at one point or another. All of a sudden the new immigrants, which are latinos, are supposed to be bad and we don’t want them here.” Most people in this country are NOT immigrants. Over 80% of Americans are native to America. Yes my ancestors were immigrants, but they never recieved a penny of taxpayers dollars in the form of welfare. I guess the masses of legal immigrants had a little more appreciation for what America did for immigrants in those days, unlike the greedy “gimme, gimme” attitude of the masses of illegal immigrants of today.

  11. So I guess if a molester does something good he will be pardoned? They want ‘special rights’. The laws just need to be enforced.

  12. mmm yeah, i dont think illegal immigrants should be too demanding. They should just stay on the down low.
    But if they were denied health services, or any basic humanitarian service, then thats a reason to protest, because no matter legal or illegal that would just be simply wrong.

  13. A rescue boat will hold only so many passengers before it sinks. The fact is that we as a nation cannot afford to absorb the economically indigent of the world. They need to go home and force their own governments to step up and take care of their own.

  14. They have no rights in this country, they broke the law upon entry without permission this include ALL illegals. We have the right to know who enters America and we allowed border jumping–more security is needed.

  15. I think ALL Illegal Mexicans should go to… say…Switzerland, SaudiArabia, Sweden OR Singapore, ignore their laws and demand their Mexican rights so those CITIZENS are forced to speak Spanish instead of their own culturally established language.
    They desperately NEED to be taught how to respect the laws.
    I ask you WHO’s country is it ????

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