Is This Another Good Reason Why We Should Be Denying Licenses To Illegal Immigrants?

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — In an online Spanish language chat room, people from all over the East Coast seek tips on how to get driver’s licenses in Maryland even though they don’t live there.
Businesses run classified ads in Spanish-language publications in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland urging “undocumented Hispanic friends” to take advantage of the opportunity to get Maryland ID without having to prove they’re in the country legally.
In one case, Maryland motor vehicle officials say, 68 different people applying for licenses and IDs gave the same address for an 800-square-foot home in Baltimore.
Maryland is one of just four states – and the only one east of the Mississippi – where people don’t have to prove they’re legal U.S. residents to get driver’s licenses. Some lawmakers are pushing to change that this year, arguing that Maryland’s rules make it a target for fraud by undocumented people from all over the U.S.
But advocates here and in other states with similar rules – Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington – argue that allowing illegal immigrants to get state-issued identification gives police broader databases to use when investigating crimes and increases the rate of auto insurance coverage.
“It makes the streets safer for all of us,” said Delegate Jolene Ivey, a Democrat from Prince George’s County who supports continued access to Maryland licenses for undocumented residents.

5 thoughts on “Is This Another Good Reason Why We Should Be Denying Licenses To Illegal Immigrants?”

  1. that’s not right. where i live you have 6 days to change your info after moving here. if the catch you driving again on another states license you’ll be fined. i bet our founders of this country is rolling in their graves. we have a ******* up gov. it just piisses me off that illegals get away with crap while we united states citizens have to pay out the rear for them.

  2. you do realize that they deny licenses to “legal” people too, because DMV doesn’t know all the documents that make people legal or don’t follow federal laws that extend legal status.

  3. They are getting these licenses fraudulantly. Claiming to live in the state but living elsewhere. Playing the system.

  4. There should only be one reason they can’t have a driver’s license : THEY AREN’T A RESIDENT.

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